Motivational Speaking

At F3MC we provide services that help you get to where you want to go. One of our services is motivational speaking you can book our speaker Rodwell L. Forbes Jr. to speak at your events. 

Life Coaching

Whether it's your family, relationship, or just life in general we are here for you. With our life coaching service we will help you on your time. During the life coaching service we will go through the conflict and different ways to resolve it.

How do we Help?


Bad dreams, substance abuse, loss of sleep. These things are just a couple of  symptoms of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Although this might be hard you won't have to worry with F3MC there to help you. 


We give thanks to those who serve, will serve, and have served. Our Service Members mean so much to us and we truly thank you. We want to be here for you through the battle of life. If you are a Service Member  going through some troubles turn to F3MC because we represent you. It dosen't matter what hardship you're going through just know F3MC is there waiting to welcome you  into our family.


Drugs, alcohol, and etc. Whatever it is we can help you stop. We'll need to figure out the reason for you consuming these harmful substances. No matter what it is we'll give you very reliable tips and sources to help you take control of your life.


Whether it's spiritual, marriage, or any relationship we're here. The steps to fixing a relationship are very complicated but don't worry we'll make it a smooth ride. We'll find the broken puzzle pieces and give them to you. This will help you grow as a person to fix what will soon not be broken.


Are you stressed, tired, confused, or just need someone to talk to... we have your back. The mental therapy we give is astounding and you will leave feeling stress free. No matter what it is just let us know and we will be your helping hand.


If your issue wasn't mentioned above don't stress it. No matter what the problem is,we are open to anyone and everyone. No matter who you are we will stand right there by your side. We'll be there to give you guidance and support.