Vision and Dime



Our vision for you is so simple. All we want to do is guide you through the tough obstacles of life. No matter who you are we see you being successful no matter what you desire. We want to make our visions of success for you a reality. So join F3MC if you're ready to do what you were meant to do.



Desire, Inspire, Motivate, Empower

All we want to do is make everything in your life as simple as possible. We want to know what you desire so you can move forward knowing what you want to accomplish in life. We want to inspire you to go out and do whatever you desire to do. While inspiring you we want to motivate you to move forward in the right direction. We hope that you are empowered to do more than what you think you can do. We want you to use D.I.M.E to help you in your everyday life.